West-Siberian complex

By order of NIPIgaspererabotka (Krasnodar city) institute designed a central distribution substation 500/110 kV, two main step-down substations 110/10 kV and external power supply, and also the boiler plant project of West-Siberian complex with deep conversion of raw hydrocarbons materials into polyolefin with power 2 million tons per year with corresponding objects of off-plant facilities (OZKH), Tobolsk city, Tyumen region, Russia.

Central distribution substation (TSRP 500/110 kV) ZabSib-2 receives electricity through power transmission line 500 kV from Ural integrated power system, designed for electricity conversion from voltage 500 kV to 110 kV and distribution inside the complex on voltage 110 kV. Rated maximum power of TSRP 500/110 kV is 300 MW. The main purpose of designed of TSRP 500/110 kV is to provide power supply to production units of West-Siberian petrochemical complex: polyethylene units, pyrolysis plants, polypropylene units, OZKH objects.

Main step-down substations (GPP1 and GPP2) are designed to reduce the voltage of electricity received from power system, from 110 kV to 10,5 kV, and distribution of electricity with voltage 10,5 kV to all consumers of the complex. Basic equipment installed in both GPP1 and GPP2: three power three-phase double-winding transformer 110/10 kV with power 100 МVА.

The institute also developed project documentation on ‘Block boiler unit operation power 80 MW with possibility of extending to 100 MW and steam capacity 3 t/h of steam, working on natural gas and hydrogen-containing gas for West-Siberian complex with deep conversion of raw hydrocarbons …)’. Boiler plant is designed for generating and supplying heat energy in the form of hot water and steam. Boiler plant consists of the following basic equipment:

  • five hot water boilers КВ-20, heating capacity 20 MW (17,2 kcal/h) each (four – in operation, one – standby);
  • two steam boilers КП-3-0,8-175, steam capacity 3 t/h, with steam parameters P=0,8 MPa (over), t=+175°С (one – in operation, one – standby).

Head of OAO ‘NIPIgaspererabotka’ Dmitriy Olegovich Ermakov expressed special thanks to the staff of the institute ‘for providing technical support in during the State expert review’ and for ‘compliance with tight deadlines for design’.