Substation 330 kV Lebedi

Building of Substation 330/110/35 kV Lebedi and OTL 330, 110 and 35 kV.

At Lebedinskiy GOK in Gubkin city Belgorod region on the project of institute built Substation 330/110/35 kV Lebedi.

There are five technological stages of construction.

In the construction of JSC ‘Lebedinsky GOK’. Energy Center (EC). Shop networks and substations (SNS). Substation 330 kV Lebedi includes following objects:

1) 330 kV outdoor switchgear;

2) 110 kV outdoor switchgear;

3) 35 kV outdoor switchgear;

4) Substation control house (SCH);

5) Auxiliary building (AB);

6) Open installation of autotransformers (АТ1, АТ2, АТ3, АТ4);

7) 6 kV switchgear IM (ice melting);

9) Emergency oil tank V=250 m3;

10) Fire extinguishing pump station;

11.1) Water-storage tank V=200 m3 No1;

11.2) Water-storage tank V=200 m3 No2;

12) Sewage tank V=60 m3;

13.1) Control unit No1 of automatic fire extinguishing system of autotransformers;

13.2) Control unit No2 of automatic fire extinguishing system of autotransformers;

15) Security post;

16) External fence of the substation;

17) Access road;


18) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-7 3 circuit and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-7 4 circuit at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

19) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-7 1 circuit and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-7 2 circuit with cable insert at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

20) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-2 and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-6 at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

21) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-4, Substation-112 and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – Substation-109 at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

22) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-8 and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – Substation‑112 at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

23) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-8, Tyagovaya-1, Substation-228, Substation-122 and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – Tyagovaya-1, Substation-228, Substation-122 at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

24) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Metallurgicheskaya – Lebedi at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

25) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Belgorod – Lebedi at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

26) Approach line of OTL 110 kV Gubkin – Lebedi at Substation 330 kV Lebedi;

27) Approach line of OTL 35 kV Lebedi – GPP-8 at Substation 330 kV Lebedi.

The total capacity of autotransformers at Substation 330 kV Lebedi is 800 MVA.

For power supply of the ice melting system, the installation of a new 35/6 kV transformer with a capacity of 10 MVA is provided.

The power of two newly installed working transformers of own needs of 35/0.4 kV at Substation 330 kV Lebedi is 2×630 kVA; power of newly installed backup transformer of own needs 35/0.4 kV – 630 kVA.

The Institute carried out all the necessary engineering surveys.

On December 21 first starting complex of substation (1 ПК) was put into operation, as a part of which at the new site one of four autotransformers with a rated power of 200 MVA was installed, 330 kV, 110 kV and 35 kV outdoor switchgears were installed. Construction of a branch line from the OTL 330 kV Metalurgicheskaya – Lebedi with construction of approach at outdoor switchgear 330 kV substation 330 kV Lebedi (new site). Also made the construction of approaches OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP-7 III circuit and OTL 110 kV Lebedi – GPP -7 IV circuit to the new outdoor switchgear 110 kV substation 330 kV Lebedi.

Project Manager of JSC Lebedinsky GOK Evdakov Evgeny Vladimirovich noted that our Project and working documentation provided  ‘timely commissioning of 1 ПК’.