Substation 220 kV ‘Peleduy’

Substation 220 kV ‘Peleduy’, Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), Russia

Construction site of Substation 220/110/10 kV ‘Peleduy’ is located 600-700 m west of the village Peleduy. It is a part of Lenian ulus Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), is located 100 m north of the territory of existing substation 110/35/10 kV ‘Peleduy’.

Village Peleduy is located on the left bank of the river Lena and is bounded from south by the river Lena, and from the north by the river Peleduy. The last one is the left tributary of the river Lena. Communication with the district center od Lensk city is carried out by water transport along the river Lena in the summer, and in winter – by road on the winter road. In addition, there is an air transport connection from Lensk city to village Peleduy.

The climate of the region is sharply continental. There cold long winter and relatively hot summer.

Average annual air temperature is minus 5.6 °C. Absolute minimum – minus 61 °C, absolute maximum is +37 °C

Director of OOO ‘TOK-Stroy’ – project customer – Sergey Bladimirovich Belonin was convinced ‘in professionalism and high qualification of the institute’s specialists’.