Substation 150 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’

Substation 150/10/6 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ with Cable line 150 kV and reconstruction of adjacent networks 150 kV, Dnepr city, Ukraine.

Rated power of transformers 150/10/6 kV at substation is 80 MVA (2х40 MVA).

Building of substation ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ closed type.

Connection of substation 150/10/6 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ to existing networks is provided by two cable lines 150 KV:

  1. Cable line 150 kV ‘substation Uzlovaya – substation Naddnepryanskaya’;
  2. Cable line 150 kV ‘substation Naddnepryanskaya – substation Г-5’.

Operating substations ‘Uzlovaya’ and ‘Г-5’ are being reconstructed.

On June 26 substation “Naddnepryanskaya-150 кV” solemnly put into operation. Building cost more than 370 mln grn and took almost 2 years.


The substation area – 3200 m². At the substation is installed high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (КРУЭ), which takes only 80 m², then when the old analogue could be located in a territory of 1200 m².

Overhead lines built back in 1932 were dismantled and replaced with a cable, more than 30 hectares of expensive urban land were freed.