Shakhty gas turbine power station

Shakhty gas turbine power station is located at Shakhty city Rostov region. It covers heat loads of the city and surrounding villages in hot water for heating, ventilation and hat water supply.

First start-up complex – Extension of gas turbine power station by installing of combined cycle gas turbine unit consisting of:

  • one steam turbine ПТ-12/13-3,4/1,0 with power 12 MW;
  • two gas turbine units st.№№ 3, 4 on the basis of engine ДЖ?59 with rated power 15.8 MW;
  • two steam heat-recovery boilers st.№№ 3, 4 type КУ-60-3,9-440 (with afterburning).

In first start-up complex also built: deaerator-feedwater unit, chemical treatment, combined auxiliary complex, cooling towers.

In second start-up complex was made:

  • replacement of existing water heat-recovery boilers of gas turbine unit st.№№ 1, 2 by steam heat-recovery boilers КУ-60-3,9-440 (with afterburning).
  • increasing of steam turbine power (installation of steam turbine ПТ?25?3,4/0,6 with power 25 MW in extension turbine department).

Rated output power of gas turbine power station after extension and reconstruction in 2012 is increased by 68.6 MW and is 100.2 MW.

Deputy General Director OOO ‘Group Megapolis’ Nikolai Nikolaevich Kamenev noted that “work was carried out in accordance with the schedule and rate of construction and assembly work, with the proper quality of the design estimates.”