Substation 150 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’

AT ‘DTEK Dnieper Electric Networks’ was built in Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) city by the project of Institute and on June 26 they put into operation the Substation 150 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ – one of the most modern power facilities in Ukraine. The main task of the new substation – providing high-quality uninterrupted power supply of two urban areas (Soborniy and Shevchenkovskiy), existing and under construction metro stations, as well as the creation of an energy base for the development of building infrastructure.

Building of a new substation ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ 150/10/6 kV took almost 2 years. Advanced equipment installed here – latest developments in the field of energy automation, which complement new power facilities in the world. At the same time, overhead lines built back in 1932 were dismantled and replaced with a cable, more than 30 hectares of expensive urban land were freed.

On the facade of the Substation, the memory of the General Director of the Institute MIKULIN Alexey Georgievich is immortalized.

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