2017 Major repairs of roads at Khmelnitsky city, Ukraine.
2017 Reconstruction of sinter machine gas treatment system at Mariupol Metallurgical complex, Donetsk region, Ukraine.
2017 Reconstruction of existing electrolysis unit at Kievskaya cogeneration plant-5, Ukraine.
2016 Heat-recovery boiler of reactor-regenerative unit ГК-3 production unit 11 NPZ OAO ‘Angarsk petrochemical company’, Russia
2016 Building of external water supply and water removal networks at Yakutskaya Regional power station-2, Russia.
2016 OAO ‘EVRAZ ZSMK’. Sludge dewatering unit of gas treatment at blast furnace. Designing of unbalanced wastewater treatment plants of hydro ash and sludge removal system at the output N2 of complex with productivity 600 m³/h on clear water. Novokuznetsk, Russia.
2015 Coaling gallery. Capital repairs of building structures at boiler department PSP ‘Mine of N.I. Stashkova’ PAO ‘DTEK Pavlogradugol’, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.
2015 Pipeline for oily condensate flooding at object ‘Gas compression and gas transportation department of Tyumen KS’ (construction part), Tyumen region, Russia.
2015 Building of sludge collector N2 on the territory of Kremenchug cogeneration plant, Poltava region, Ukraine.

2015 Organization of iodine-containing wastewater treatment unit in a department ДК-1,4 OAO ‘Voronezhsintezkauchuk’, Russia.
2015 Yuzhno-Balykskaya main pumping station – Tobolsk-Neftekhim with point of discharge of SHFLU from truck tank. Draining rack. Diesel fuel storage. Service/Operation Building (construction part), Tyumen region, Russia.
2015 Building of wind-diesel complex at Novikovo village Korsakovskiy district Sakhalin region, Russia.

2015 Industrial and administrative building of OAO ‘Chechenenergo’, Groznyy city, Chechen Republic, Russia.
2014 Switching consumers from boiler plant OAO ‘Dneproshina’ to boiler plant at Geroev Stalingrada street, 139, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine.
2014 Metinvest. PAO ‘MK ‘Azovstal’. Project generation on building renovation of boiler room at cogeneration plant. Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine.
2014 Building of Yuzhno-Priobskiy GPZ based on objects of Yuzhno-Priobskaya compressor station (construction part), Khanty-Mansiyskiy region, Russia.
2014 Complex for the production of polyvinylchloride with power 330 ths. t/year at Nizhegorodskaya region. Temporary storage of wastes and also units of heat energy accounting for buildings (construction part), Kstovo, Russia.
2014 Modernization of sewage treatment plants of central water treatment of water supply department at OAO ‘OEMK’, Belgorod region, Russia.
2014 Reconstruction of central air compressor room at department N15 of OAO ‘Gazpromneft-MNPZ’, Moscow city, Russia.
2013 Air compressor room of hydrocracking complex at OAO ‘Achinskiy NPZ VNK’, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia.