OHL 220 kV ‘Olekminsk – NPS-14’

In project OHL 220 kV ‘Olekminsk – NPS-14’ institute developed unique objects: transitions across the rivers Lena and Olekma.

Transition across the river Lena has total length 1450 m (directly through the water barrier – 1173 m). The height of the right support is 96,8 m; the height of the left support – 98,0 m.

Transition across the river Olekma – 1815,5 m (1150,5 m). The height of the supports on both sides of the river is 96,8 m.

The feature of foundations and foundations under supports is the presence of permafrost soils, loosely frozen soils, hard frozen soils. Basically, the supports across the water barriers of the Lena and Olekma rivers are installed on pile foundations with the use of the drill-drop method of piling the piles into the permafrost soil.

Director of OOO ‘TOK-Stroy’ – project customer – Sergey Bladimirovich Belonin was convinced ‘in professionalism and high qualification of the institute’s specialists’.