Novocheboksarsk cogeneration plant-3

Novocheboksarsk cogeneration plant-3 is designed for combined generation of electrical and heat energy to meet the needs of housing and communal services of Novocheboksarsk city (Chuvash Republic) in hot water, city enterprises – in hot water, technological steam and electric energy. Is a part of branch ‘Mari El and Chuvashia’ OAO ‘TGK-5’ (KES-holding). Operating mode – basic, according to dispatching schedule of loads. Rated power of cogeneration plant:

  • electric – 350 MW;
  • heat – 869 Gcal/h.

The main fuel is natural gas. Emergency and ignition fuel for steam power and peak hot water boilers is fuel oil mark M100.

The project was carried out using 3D modeling programs of the company AVEVA.

In order to increase the efficiency of Cogeneration plant by the project of the institute was installed steam turbine type of ПT-80/100-130/13 OAO ‘Power Machines’: stationary, condensing with two adjustable heating selections and one adjustable production selection, rated power 80 MW, maximum 100 MW, with initial vapor pressure 12,8 MPa, intended for driving of electric generator type of ТВФ-110-2ЕУ3.

In 2014 turbine was put into operation.

Head of the group of the object under construction at Novocheboksarsk cogeneration plant 3 Aleksandr Semakin Expressed his “gratitude to the project representatives, who took an active part in solving the issues on the construction site“.