Mobile electric power station ‘Labytnangi’

Mobile electric power station ‘Labytnangi’ JSC Mobile Energy, Labytnangi city, Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, Russia

Basic equipment of GTP-36:

  • two gas turbine unit ДА-14Л, GP NPKG ‘Zorya-Mashproekt’, Nikolaev city;
  • two water heat-recovery boiler УТ-47 ‘Ukhtinskiy OEMZ’.

In addition, for mobile electric power station ‘Labytnangi’ the institute carried out projects:

  • increasing power by 12 MW;
  • reconstruction of Switchgear and control gear – 6 kV, Indoor switchgear – 6 kV;
  • building of generator switchgear – 6 kV;
  • antifreeze air coller unit;
  • reconstruction of fuel and lubricant warehouse;
  • modernization of automatic control system of gas turbine generator ГТГ-12000.

Deputy Chief Engineer of JSC Mobile Energy Aleksei Vladimirovich Rabenok notes that the collective of our institute ‘has always promptly and qualitatively solved all the tasks assigned to them’.