Makeevka coking pant

Makeevka coking pant is located at industrial zone of Kirov district, Makeevka city, Donetsk region. Construction of turbine department of steam-boiler unit was carried out in the central part of the territory of ZAO ‘Makeevkoks’.

Construction of this energy source includes following buildings and structures:

  1. Main building, which include two steam turbines with all necessary auxiliary equipment.
  2. Pumping station of recycled water supply with productivity 4400 m³/h for supplying cooling water to the turbine department for turbine condensers and generator air coolers.
  3. Fan cooling tower with productivity on water 4400 m³/h for cooling water in the reverse cycle.
  4. Process pipe racks.
  5. Emergency oil discharge tank.

Energy source is built with the purpose of effective use of secondary energy resources in the enterprise: coke gas. Coke gas is burned in steam boilers of the existing boiler plant. The steam produced in the boilers is sent to the steam turbines of condensing type with the production selection for power generation and heat supply. This solution allows realizing a combined method of generating electrical and thermal energy – cogeneration, which provides additional fuel savings.

According to the project of the institute was installed two steam turbines type of П-6-1,2/0,5 with rated electrical power 6 MW each, production by OAO ‘Power Machines’, Kaluge city. Turbine П-6-1,2/0,5 – steam condensing stationary single-cylinder single-flow gearless with adjustable production selection. It is intended for driving of synchronous electric generator type Т-6-2У3 with power 6000 kW, and also for supplying the consumer with steam from controlled selection.

In 2012 turbines were put into operation.