Investigation of buildings and constructions

2019 Auditing the technical condition of buildings and structures GP “Severodonetsk Cogeneration plant”, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2019-2018 Inspection of building constructions of objects of OJSC “Dneprovskiy metallurgical complex”, Kamenskoe city, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine
2018 Severodonetskaya power plant. Reconstruction of heat supply system, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2018-2017 Reconstruction with the completion of the energy complex of industrial Cogeneration plant by installation of a turbo-generator with greater power, Kropyvnytskyi OEP, PJSC, Kropyvnytskyi city, Ukraine
2017 Investigation, pasportization and development of working documentation in the stage АС (КЖ), КМД to eliminate the detected defects of building structures of buildings and constructions at CHAO ‘MMK named after ILICH’, Mariupol city, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2017 Reconstruction of combined heat and power plant with installation of a turbo-generator 4 MW at CHAO ‘EVRAZ DMZ’, Dnepr city, Ukraine
2016 Cogeneration plant for generating electric power and process steam with power 2х12,9 MW of Severodonetsk Association AZOT, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2015 Substation 330 kV Lebedi ОАО ‘Lebedinskiy GOK’, Gubkin city, Belgorod region, Russia
2015 Investigation of foundations of pillars and portals of outdoor switchgear at Substation ‘Uzlovaya 150 kV’ PAO ‘DTEK Dneproblenergo’, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2015 Heat-recovery boiler of reactor-regenerative unit ГК-3 production unit 11 NPZ OAO ‘Angarsk petrochemical company’, Russia
2014 Justification of capital costs for replacement of turbine AT-12 ’IGOR’ at Cogeneration plant-1 OOO ‘Sumyteploenergo’, Sumy city, Ukraine
2014 Reconstruction of GP ‘Zuevskaya experimental cogeneration plant’ with steam turbine ПТ25-88, Zugres city, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2014 Building of external water supply and water removal networks at Yakutskaya Regional power station-2 Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), Russia
2014 Off-site main heating networks for the investment project ‘Building of Combined cycle gas turbine unit-Cogeneration plant 230 MW’ in Rybinsk city, Yaroslavl Region
2014 Reconstruction of Substation №71 ‘Povarovo’, Moscow region, Russia
2014 Organization of iodine-containing wastewater treatment unit in a department ДК-1,4 OAO ‘Voronezhsintezkauchuk’, Russia
2014 OAO ‘EVRAZ ZSMK’. Sludge dewatering unit of gas treatment at blast furnace. Novokuznetsk city, Russia
2013 Building of peak hot water boiler plant at the territory of Yakutskaya Regional power station, Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), Russia
2013 PES Labytnangi JSC Mobile Energy, Khanty-Mansiyskiy region (Yugra), Russia
2013 Industrial and administrative building of OAO ‘Chechenenergo’, Groznyy city, Chechen Republic, Russia
2013 Reconstruction of turbine foundation in cell st. №4 of turbine department at Kirov cogeneration plant-1, Russia
2013 Optimization of the heat supply system at Ivanovo city. Transfer of heat load of Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-1 and Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-2 to Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-3. Russia
2013 Krivoy Rog power station PAO ‘DTEK Dneproenergo’. Technical re-equipment of chemical treatment of water. Technical re-equipment of power unit st.№1, Zelenodolsk city, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine
2013 Modernization of the Kirov cogeneration plant-4, Russia
2013 Modernization of the Novocheboksarsk cogeneration plant-3, Chuvash Republic, Russia
2012 Two-stage designing of turbine department of steam-boiler unit at ZAO ‘Makeevkoks’, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2010 Reconstruction of Dyagilevskaya cogeneration plant with increasing in heat power by installation of hot water boilers КВГМ-100, Ryazan city, Russia
2009 Reconstruction and extension of Shakhty gas turbine power station, Rostov region, Russia
2008 Building of CCGT 200 MW at Syzranskaya cogeneration plant, Samara region, Russia
2007 Reconstruction of Livny cogeneration plant, Oryol region, Russia
2007 Reconstruction of Kaluga cogeneration plant using steam-gas technology, Russia
2006 Pridneprovskaya power station, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2006 Reconstruction and renewal equipment at South Machine-building plant, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2006 Cogeneration plant OOO ‘Bagleykoks’, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine