Heat networks


2018 Severodonetskaya power plant. Reconstruction of heat supply system. Lugansk region, Ukraine
2017-2015 Building of linear part of the external network of engineering support of Yakutskaya Regional power station-2. Main heat networks from Yakutskaya Regional power station to heat networks of Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic (Yakutiya), Russia
2016-2013 Building of Combined cycle gas turbine unit-Cogeneration plant 230 MW in Rybinsk city. Main heat networks. Extension of coverage zone of heat loads at projected Combined cycle gas turbine unit-Cogeneration plant and boiler plant ‘Potok’ Rybinsk city, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
2013 Heat supply scheme of Rybinsk city for a period 2013 – 2027, Yaroslavl Region, Russia
2013 Optimization of the heat supply system at Ivanovo city. Transfer of heat load of Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-1 and Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-2 to Ivanovskaya cogeneration plant-3. Russia
2011 Reconstruction of heating main from ТК-1а to ТК-16 in Island part of Balakovo city, Saratov region, Russia
2010 Reconstruction of heating main at Saratovskoe shosse street from pavilion П-2/2 to УТ-30 at Geroev avenue in Balakovo city, Saratov region, Russia
2009 Connection of Noyabrskaya combined cycle electric generating plant to operating heat supply system of Noyabrsk city, Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, Russia
2008 Building of main pipeline of heat network in Kurgan city with joint to existing main heating networks, Russia
2008 Boiler plant and heat networks on Karavaeva street, 13a, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2007 Heat traces №№ 1, 2, 3, Sevastopol city, Autonomous republic of Crimea, Ukraine
2007 Re-equipment of boiler plant into heating control station. Heat networks at Kramatorsk city, Donetsk region, Ukraine
2007 Reconstruction of heat networks from boiler plant on Uralskaya street, 19, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2007 Reconstruction of heat networks from boiler plant on Yangelya street, 31, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2007 Heating main from Cogeneration plant-4 to near and behind railway station parts at Kursk city, Russia
2006 Switching consumers from boiler plant OAO ‘Dneproshina’ to boiler plant at Geroev Stalingrada street, 139, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine
2006 Reconstruction of heat networks, Moscow city, Russia
2006 Heat networks from Zaporozhe power station, Energodar city, Zaporozhe region, Ukraine
2004 Protection of equipment, heat networks of branch ‘Balakovskaya cogeneration plant-4’ and heat supply systems of consumers against unacceptable increase of pressure of network water and hydraulic shocks, Balakovo city, Saratov region, Russia

Head of Capital Construction Department of Dnepropetrovsk City Council Oleg Rudolfovich Isaev in his response expressed to the institute “gratitude for the work done, which makes a huge contribution to the heat supply of Dnepropetrovsk city.”