GTPS Priobskoye field

Gas turbine power station at the left-bank part of Priobskoye field, Khanty-Mansiyskiy region Yugra, Russia.

Project customers – LLC ‘RN-Yuganskneftegaz’, IPTS ‘Novaya generatsiya’:

  • Rated output power – 315 MW.
  • Heat power (on GTPS needs) – 37,2 MW (32,0 Gcal/h).
  • Station mode – basic, continuous.
  • Number of hours of rated power usage – not less than 7400.
  • Annual output of electric energy – 2342,1 mln. kW•h.
  • Main and emergency fuel – fuel gas with pressure 3 MPa.
  • Annual fuel gas consumption – 807,78 ths. tons of standard fuel (706,8 mln. m³).
  • Specific reference fuel consumption for electric generation – 349,0 g r.f./kW•h

Seven gas turbine unit SGT-800 “Siemens” with electric power 45 MW each (first 3 turbine were put into operation in the beginning of 2010).

Four hot water boilers Vltomax 200 Viessmann with heat power 9,3 MW each (to provide needs of power station).

Each gas turbine unit is equipped with generator 45 MW type AMS 1250ALF, voltage 10,5 kV.

Power output to power system – throw OTL 110 kV from 110 kV switchgear.

110 kV switchgear is performed according to the scheme ‘two working, sectioned by switches, and bypass bus system with two bypass and two bus-tie switches’.

Block transformers – double-wound with split low-voltage winding, type ТРДН – 63000/110, 115/10,5–10,5.

Two operation power transformers and 1 standby power transformer of own needs – double-wound, type ТДН – 16000/110, 115/10,5 kV.


Operative and competent technical solutions from employees’ of our institute was noted by the Director of the Department OOO Siemens Nikolay Yurevich Rotmistrov.

Our “ability to perform calculations for the strength and stability of building structures and pipelines” was recognized by the General Director of IPTS ‘Novaya generatsiya Georgiy Borisovich Fedorin.

Deputy general director of RN-Yuganskneftegaz Aleksandr Yurevich Yukov wrote that ‘working documentation was made qualitatively and in a given time