DTEK Zaporozhe power station

Technical re-equipment of power unit st. N3 (320 MW), DTEK Zaporozhe power station, Energodar city, Zaporozhe region, Ukraine:

  • reconstruction of boiler unit ТПП-312А of Podolskiy machine-building plant named after Ordzhonokodze (ZIO), OAO ‘EMAliance’;
  • reconstruction of condensing steam turbine К-300-240-2 with project electric power 300 MW KHTGZ OAO ‘Turboatom’;
  • reconstruction of generator ТГВ-300, GP plant ‘Electrotyazhmash’;
  • reconstruction of electric filter CHAO ‘Tekhenergo’;
  • modernization of ‘field’ level of PCS (Process Control System) based on microprocessor system of Siemens.

Technical re-equipment of power unit st. N3 has purpose:

–           increase the reliability of the unit to an appropriate level and increase the service life of the power unit by 15-20 years subject to standard repair of power unit;

–           power unit life extension with improvement of technical and economic indicators;;

–           increasing of boiler efficiency;

–           reduction of specific fuel consumption;

–           increase the maneuverability range of the power unit to 150 MW, increase in capacity of power unit by at least 20 MW from rated electrical power 300 MW;

–           reduction of power consumption for own needs;

–           reduction of harmful gross emissions into the atmosphere.

Chief Engineer Melnichuk Sergey Petrovich in his report noted, that ‘power unit of st. №3 succesfully worked out the warranty period – 3 years’.