CCGT 30 MW at Kaluga cogeneration plant

In 2011 according to the project of the institute was put into operation steam gas unit with power 30 MW at Kaluga cogeneration plant.

Main equipment of CCGT:

  • gas turbine unit LM2500+G4 “General Electric”;
  • steam heat recovery boiler КУП-45-3,9-440, for working with gas turbine.


Gas turbine unit type of LM2500+G4 production of General Electric is designed for generating electric energy by combustion of fuel (natural gas). Feature of the work: implementation of technical measures to operate the gas turbine at a temperature below 30 °C.

A two-pole generator with a TEWAC cooling system is rated at 10,500 volts, 50 Hz, and is capable of taking full load from the gas turbine during continuous operation at any ambient temperature within the operating range. The TEWAC cooling model is an air-cooled closed loop generator with cooling by water-glycol mixture through a heat exchanger supplied by GE.

Deputy General Director on Capital Construction TGK-4 Aleksandr Anatolevich Umrikhin noted that the specialists of the Institute ‘have shown their high qualification, excellent knowledge of the regulations in the construction of energy objects, ability to perform necessary calculations.’