Labor Protection

Executive director Kozlov S.A., Deputy General director Lotysh A.P., Kharitonov D.A., Baranik V.A. – Heads of Departments, and 11 other institute specialists were trained at Dniprobud LLC and confirmed knowledge of the Ukraine Laws “On Labor Protection”, ” On High Risk Objects”, other regulations.


In August 15, 2019 the LLC DTEK High-voltage network sent us a positive review on previous performed by Institute projects on technical re-equipping of substations in Donetsk region: Substation 35 kV KHP Substation 35 kV Port Substation 35 kV Komunist Substation 110 kV Chasov-Yar Substation 110 kV Konstantinovka Substation 110 kV Chulkovka   

Star quality

25 July organization “National rating of goods and services quality” has officially notified us that the Institute is in the number of nominees based on the year 2018 results and has the right to obtain the status of “The best company of Ukraine 2018”.

Substation 150 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’

AT ‘DTEK Dnieper Electric Networks’ was built in Dnepr (Dnepropetrovsk) city by the project of Institute and on June 26 they put into operation the Substation 150 kV ‘Naddnepryanskaya’ – one of the most modern power facilities in Ukraine. The main task of the new substation – providing high-quality uninterrupted power supply of two urban areas (Soborniy and […]

Specialist certification news

Head of Architecture and Construction Department Kharitonov Denis Aleksandrovich on April 25, 2019 received the Qualification Certificate series АЕ No.005535 construction expert of the first category: technical inspection of buildings and constructions. Acting Chief Engineer Lukin Vitaliy Ivanovich on April 26, 2019 received the Qualification Certificate series АР No.015501 of design engineer of the first category regarding compliance with fire safety requirements.  

Expertise – PVK

April 5, 2019 State autonomous institution ‘Department of State Expertise of РС(Я) issued a positive expert opinion No.0064-14/ГЭ РС(Я) (No. in Registry 14-1-0023-19) about the reliability of determining the estimated cost of the capital construction object: ‘Building of peak hot water boiler plant at the territory of Yakutskaya Regional power station, Sakha Republic (Yakutiya)’, in […]

Expertise – OTL 110 kV

On February 25, 2019, the State Autonomous Institution of the Belgorod Region ‘State Expertise Department’ issued a positive conclusion on the design documentation developed by the institute for the capital construction project of Lebedinsky GOK. Energy Center. Network and Substation Shop.  External power supply. Overhead transmission lines 110 kV from substation 330 kV Lebedi to […]


The rating analysis of performance indicators, efficiency, profitability, solvency and other data, based on these forms of financial reporting and calculations, showed that our company is among the best in Ukraine. This shows its stability, high business activity and competitiveness. Our company has bypassed companies that are related to it by type of activity and […]