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In 1986 in Dnepropetrovsk, in system of Minidtry of Energy of USSR, on the basis of department of integrated design of heating networks was organized Pridneprovsk department of All-Union Scientific Research and Design Institute ‘VNIPIenergoprom’ (Moscow), whose tasks included the integrated design of district heating systems, combined heat and power plants, boiler plants, development of scientific forecasts and schemes of heat supply development on regions, cities and industrial hubs. Headed the department and almost thirty years successfully directed a collective of Institute Aleksey Georgievich Mikulin - General Director, active member of the Academy of building and architecture of Ukraine, active member of International Academy of Sciences on Housing maintenance and utilities board and Domestic board, doctor of engineering in energy area.
After disintegration USSR Pridneprovsk branch by order of Ukrainian Energetic Ministry № 59 on April 17, 1992 renamed to State research and design-survey institute “DneprNIPIenergoprom”.   Under privatization by order of Ukrainian Energetic Ministry № 281 on December 28, 1994 DneprNIPIenergoprom renamed to Open Joint Stock Corporation Institute «DneprVNIPIenergoprom». Shares were bought by engineers of institute, institute ‘VNIPIenergoprom’ (Russia) and other physical and juridical person. Later majority of shares were bought by engineers of institute. Subsequently, the absolute majority of shares were purchased by employees of the Institute. In March of 2012 Open Joint Stock Corporation Institute ‘DneprVNIPIenergoprom’ was transformed into Limited liability company ‘Institute DniproVNIPIenergoprom’
DneprVNIPIenergoprom carries out complex designing of power building objects:
  • heat power stations and cogeneration plants (gas-turbine, steam-turbine, steam-gas aggregate, reciprocator);
  • boiler plants (heating and industrial);
  • thermal networks and thermal points, heat supply scheme;
  • electric networks and high-voltage substations;
  • wind-driven power plants;
  • separate energetic objects (water treatment, fuel oil storage, treatment plants, repairing bases, etc.)
  • industrial buildings and constructions.
Using institute’s projects were built, reconstructed, put into operation and building now a few score of heat-engineering objects in different cities of Ukraine, Russia, and other Commonwealth members. Institute creates all necessary conditions for providing of stable ratio in execution of design work according to request of normative documents and Customers. To support high quality of project production in institute was developed quality management system, which satisfy a requirement ISO 9001, 14001 и OHSAS 18001. Developed by institute quality management system has relevant Certificates.
DneprVNIPIenergoprom has all necessary licenses, authorizations, certificates and permissions for works in territory of Ukraine and Russia, including objects with especially difficult conditions and highly technical objects.

In 2016 the institute moved to its own new building.

Institute has all departments necessary for complex design and survey works:

Name of departments

Number of staff

Administrative and managerial staff


Chief project engineers


Thermo-mechanical departments


Architectural and constructional departments


Electrical engineering departments


Hydraulic engineering, heating networks, heating-ventilation departments


Department of budget design and erection planning


Departments of general layouts and transport, engineering surveys, environmental protection


Other departments




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