Substation 330 kV ‘Grozniy’

Under the guidance of the institute Energoproekt (Moscow) was made project of substation 330 kV ‘Groznyy’, Chechen Republic, Russia. Substation was constructed on the site of existing substation 330/110/10 kV, at the intersection of corridors at OHL 110 kV and 330 kV.

Substation objects and systems at the substation site:

  • Outdoor switchgear 330 kV with autotransformers 330/110/10 kV, 125 MVA No1 and No2 and Switchgear and control gear – 10 kV own needs of substation;
  • Outdoor switchgear 110 kV;
  • Substation control building and communication center;
  • Transformer-oil complex;
  • Hydraulic engineering structures: water intake, treatment plants, fire-fighting station etc.
  • Objects of repair and transport purposes;
  • Security constructions, security alarm system and security video system;
  • Objects of power supply for own needs of substation;
  • Lightning protection and earthing;
  • on-site lines;
  • Lightning of the territory.

Off-site objects:

  • Access road;
  • Approach line of OHL 110 kV and 330 kV.

Out of substation constructions:

  • Workshop for group of substations and LUCH;
  • Car parking;
  • Building for comer staff.