Substation 110 kV ‘Ivanovskaya-15’

Substation 110/6 kV ‘Ivanovsk-15’ with approach lines of OHL 110 kV, Ivanovo city, Russia.

The site allocated for the construction of a new substation 110/6 kV ‘Ivanovsk-15’ is located in the central part of the city in the area of streets 2-j proezd and 2-ya Mohovaya.

The following objects are built:

  • 110 kV outdoor switchgear;
  • transformer outdoor plant;
  • 6 kV indoor switchgear;
  • Substation control building;
  • on-site lines;
  • external fencing;
  • on-site roads;
  • access road;
  • OHL 110 kV;
  • fibre-optic communication line;
  • re-laying OHL 6 kV;
  • off-site water pipe;
  • arc-suppression coil;
  • four floodlight towers;
  • emergency oil pit;
  • cesspool.

Deputy General Director – director of branch ‘Ivenergo’ Sergei Nikolaevich Chizhov noted that the institute staff showed “their experience in the design of electrical substations, good qualification of specialists“.