Boiler plant at Uralskaya street, 19, Dnepropetrovsk city

Boiler plant at Uralskaya street, 19, Dnepropetrovsk city, Ukraine

  • Rated heat power – 69,78 MW (60,0 Gcal/h).
  • Annual heat output – 155,1 ths. Gcal.
  • Annual reference fuel consumption – 24,816 ths. tons of standard fuel
  • Specific reference fuel consumption – 160,0 kg of standard fuel/Gcal.
  • Annual consumption of natural fuel (natural gas) – 21,332 mln.m³.
  • Two hot water boilers КВГМ-23,26-150 production of OOO ‘Dorogobuzhkotlomash’ at the place of existing boilers № 2 and 3.
  • Replacement of boiler №1 burner  type of РГМГ-20.
  • Replacement of boiler plant auxiliary equipment.
  • The economic effect is achieved by reducing the specific consumption of reference fuel by 2.22 kg/Gcal.
  • Annual saving of natural gas – 0,294 mln.nm³ or ~10 ths. dollars.

Head of Capital Construction Department of Dnepropetrovsk City Council Oleg Rudolfovich Isaev wrote on his report that institute ‘demonstrated great experience in design of boiler plants, ability to optimize heat diagram, balances of steam, water and heat’.